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MWR-001 DARK WIZARD - Close In The Dark LP

MWR-002 BLACK KNIGHT - Tales from the Darkside LP

MWR-003 BACK OUT - Anthology 1983-1985 LP

MWR-004 LIVING METAL - Living Metal LP

MWR-005 SHADOWKILLER - Guardians of the Temple LP

MWR-006 DEAFEN - Leading to a Fall LP+7"

MWR-007 VORTEX - Remains LP

MWR-008 AXE CRAZY - Hexbreaker LP

MWR-009 MESSINA - Terrortory LP


coming later this year:

MWR-010 VORTEX - Metal Bats LP

MWR-011 VORTEX - Open The Gate LP

MWR-012 HAMMERHAWK - Welcome Home... We Expected You LP/CD (with bonus track)
MWR-013 HAMMERHAWK - Breaks Loose LP (with bonus tracks)
MWR-014 PROFOUND – A World of My Own Making LP